Thoughtful Threads Community Supporting the #BlueMovement


This year we were so excited to get on board with Blue Friday, so we partnered with United by Blue, a responsible durable goods company, and joined the DIY cleanup initiative. Instead of spending Black Friday in long lines shopping, we spent it on Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida picking up trash and recyclables. During our clean up adventure, our Thoughtful Threads team found waste consisting of pieces of wood, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and even bones! This event was certainly worth it because we didn’t just make a difference in the water by cleaning up our environment and supporting our community; we also banded together to use team-building techniques that will take all of our hard workers far in life. Stop by to meet our reliable Thoughtful Threads and Food and Thought crew at 2144 Tamiami Trail N, Naples, FL 34102. Our hours are 9am to 8pm or give us a call at (239) 213-2222. We can’t wait to see you!


Soy vs. Paraffin Candles

How do soy candles differentiate from paraffin candles?

Unfortunately Paraffin Candles can have many detrimental effects to your well-being and here at Thoughtful Threads we are doing everything we can to prevent this from happening. We only provide the highest quality and natural candles made from soy wax from Eco Candle Company.

Why choose soy wax?

Soy candles are a healthier alternative to paraffin candles because they contain no toxins, pollutants, or carcinogens so you can enjoy the fresh smell of the candle without polluting the air with toxins. Since our soy candles don’t contain pollutants or toxins, there is no mess from soot. Most paraffin wax candles, use zinc or lead wicks, but we only source candles that use wicks made out of hemp, paper, or cotton.

How can I save money on candles?

Not only are our candles a healthier option, but they also are a more economical choice. Our candles stimulate the economy by using  natural and renewable resources in the wax and wicks, to prevent unnecessary waste.  Our candles can also benefit your bank account because our candles tend to last 30-50% longer due to the candles burning at a cooler temperature, so you will save the cost and hassle of buying a new candles as often.

Interested in switching over to soy candles?  You can start by visiting Thoughtful Threads to check out our wide variety of Candles. We are located at 2144 Tamiami Trail N. in Naples, FL. Any Questions? Contact us at 239-213-2222 Ex.1 or visit our website at


Support the Fair trade Movement

Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between producers and traders, businesses and consumers.  The Fairtrade Certification guarantees, through meeting required standards, that workers have freedom of speech, are treated equally, given higher earnings, and are provided a safe work environment. In the many countries where clothing is produced these standards are not encompassed, which is why Fairtrade Certified products are vital to our society.  Fairtrade manufactured goods come from about 70 countries in Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Thoughtful Threads incorporates social responsibility into their vision by supplying merchandise which gives back to the Fairtrade organizations. Thoughtful Threads accomplishes this by buying and selling collections of Fairtrade Certified products from brands like Indigenous, 31 Bits, and PACT. By purchasing, you are supporting Fairtrade organizations and making a positive impact in the world. Also, buying helps to improve the livelihood of farmers and workers. The rise of the conscious consumer is near and we need your help. The first steps we can take is to create awareness of the Fairtrade movement. As a consumer, we can do this by purchasing Fairtrade Certified products and acknowledging companies that promote Fairtrade.

Interested in giving back to the Fairtrade movement?  You can start by visiting Thoughtful Threads to check out our variety of Fairtrade Certified products. While visiting make sure to stop by Food and Thought to discover their assortment of Fairtrade certified and organic food products. We are located at 2144 Tamiami Trail N. in Naples, FL. Any Questions? Contact us 239-213-2222 Ex.1 or visit our website at

Purchase with a Purpose

Whether it is your first time hearing this or you’ve heard it a thousand times, but not only is Thoughtful Threads sister store, Food and Thought 100% USDA certified organic but Thoughtful Threads sells only the highest quality organic and sustainable products so you are truly making a purchase with a purpose. Thoughtful Threads only carries high quality and responsible brands such as Patagonia, Prana, Toad and Co, Indigenous and more. We only carry products made with organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, or bamboo.

So, what is the big deal about organic clothing? Well According to USDA, back in 2003 55 million pounds of Pesticides were sprayed on the 12.8 million acres of conventional cotton grown in the United States, so Cotton is the third most treated US crop. Also, in 2000 the US Environmental Protection Agency labeled seven of the fifteen common pesticides used on cotton as “possible,” “likely,” “Probable,” or “known” human carcinogens. The World Health Organization reported that 20,000 individuals die of cancer and miscarriages each year in developing countries as a result of the chemicals sprayed on conventional cotton and farm workers around the world are suffering from serious health problems relating to an over exposure to hazardous pesticides, including Asthma, Neurological damage and Cancer.

When choosing organic clothing you are choosing a healthier life because you are avoiding exposure to chemicals that are on conventional clothing. Organic clothing is also great for individuals with sensitive skin and allergies because there are no known allergens in organic cotton. You may also be doing the farmers a favor by improving their work conditions and in turn their overall health. It makes you feel so great when you purchase a product from our store knowing the money goes to responsible and reliable companies and you will also feel great in your brand new organic attire. Please stop on by Thoughtful Threads to see the change you wish to see in the world. We are located at 2144 Tamiami Trail N. in Naples, FL. Any Questions? Contact us 239-213-2222 or visit our website at .